Razer Seiren X Microphone

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Razer Seiren X Microphone

Meetyourneighbours – For creators planning to take YouTube and Twitch streaming seriously, it’s time to leave headset microphones behind and move on to a higher quality broadcast device – which Razer’s Seiren X aims to be. Apart from targeting gamers and streamers who want to become a pro, it is also marketed to individuals who are always on the go. Look, many of the best streaming microphones of today are quite bulky and heavy, which can be a problem if you travel regularly or if you have limited space on your desktop. Many of these photos also take up a lot of space in your camera input. But with the Seiren X, it’s not much of a problem. It’s incredibly small and handy compared to the Blue Yeti and HyperX QuadCast, which are two of the microphones for most streamers.

However, compared to the two, the Razer Seiren X USB streaming microphone has a lower sound quality. In terms of price, it is cheaper than most high-end microphones, but it is also more expensive than most entry-level microphones. And here’s our dilemma with this product – at $ 99.99 on Razer’s website, it’s quite expensive as an entry-level microphone. But for its excellent appearance and portability, it is not bad value for money. If you like Razer’s aesthetics, then this is for you.

Microphone content

Let’s first focus on the microphone quality for this Razer Seiren X condenser microphone review. The idea behind the super-cardioid pole pattern is that it should just pick up the sound you want it to. It should also be able to ignore background noises such as the fan, keyboard, mouse click and other noise in the environment. However, for a super-cardioid microphone, the Seiren X picks up a lot of noise. Some users have even noticed that it can record the voices of people in another room. If you now have the chance to record in a very quiet environment, this microphone may surprise you. It is more sensitive in the higher frequencies and can pick up those small details in your voice. Indeed, this microphone can capture your voice with a lot of clarity, but you need an isolated and very quiet environment to experience the quality. Why is this so?

Geeky Stuff

Let’s discuss the basic specifications for a good streaming microphone – that’s a frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 000 Hz and a cardioid pole pattern. You should also consider the adaptability or ability of the microphone to perform well in any scenario. Although the Razer Seiren X meets the basic frequency response, it has a different polar pattern. The difference now is that a cardioid microphone (a detailed explanation in the link above) has a wider recording angle so that it can record more sounds. On the other hand, a supercardioed sound can pick up and record at a tighter angle, resulting in less unwanted background noise. Your voice will therefore be louder and clearer to your audience as you position it correctly.

The disadvantage of supercardioid is that you have to place the microphone exactly in front of you – which can then affect its adaptability. But a good solution to this is to set up a microphone arm for Razer Seiren X. This will place the microphone closer to you and help you get a better sound quality. It also reduces the shock of your desktop and the noise of your keyboard and mouse.

Microphone quality overview

Overall, the Seiren X falls a bit short on sound quality when you compare it to the leading microphones that are the Blue Yeti USB and Quadcast today. These two can produce warm and full tones that deliver good for every audience. However, it is also more expensive with the Quadcast from AU $ 400 and the Blue Yeti USB for AU $ 220.

It would now be unfair to base our judgment on the comparison between the Seiren X and professional microphones. So let’s compare it with other board mixes that are also very popular: the Blue Snowball iCE (AU $ 88) and the Samson Q2U (AU $ 107). These two are cheaper, but they offer similar sound quality with the Seiren X, which sells for $ 125 at Amazon Australia. Personally, I think the Razer looks the best though. That said, Razer’s Seiren X has average sound quality. So it’s not the best microphone, but it’s definitely not the worst.

Source: https://www.driversrazer.com/